5 Ways mobile apps help the healthcare sector


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With rising population and awareness for better quality of living, the data volume in healthcare industry is rising. This makes it imperative for patients as well as doctors to have quick access to time-sensitive records and information. Most of us today, prefer to access information via any mobile device. As such, the healthcare industry is already on the path of disruption, thanks to the continual use and adoption of mobile apps. Say, telemedicine apps enable seamless communication between patients and doctors, for quicker and reliable healthcare facilities.

We also see growing use of smartwatch sensors, that help to record sensitive heath data like BP, heart rate count, SpO2, sleep cycles and more. In this blog, we will see how healthcare sector sees the impact because of modern mobile apps.

Healthcare sector and mobile apps

Apps enhance medical access for users

With the right healthcare apps, patients can directly get in touch with medical professionals and take consultations for non-emergency health issues. Imagine how much time and effort you save by getting your annual check-ups done at the comfort of your home! One indirect benefit of such apps is reducing the overhead costs, in turn helping overall healthcare facilities become more affordable. Today, many apps allow live video calls and audio calls to connect doctors with patients.

Make healthier choices with such healthtech apps

Today, people are increasingly using smart wearables like Apple Watch, Fit-Bit etc. These help to track various data such as nutrition, sleep, heart rate and more. This allows for storing and tracking health information in real time basis. These wearable are actively promoting healthier lifestyles. People have become more conscious about what they eat and how much physical activity they do on any given day. Apart from these wearables, apps like Google Fit can capture health data points without any need for pairing with devices.

Connectivity in health data and records

This is something that health insurers are increasingly using. Health insurance apps records data of its users. They send the related information about physical activity and sleep etc. This information comes handy while creating health insurance plans, preventive services and more. It also helps in providing predictive information rather than using past information.

HealthTech apps accelerate service times

Quick and accurate diagnosis along with treatment plans are essential. More and more doctors are therefore, trying to integrate technology and mobile apps into their practice. Apart from this, technology greatly helps to enhance the coordination and care management. technology has greatly helped to build secure communication platforms that let nurses and doctors share patient data. With such tech platforms, it has become easier and faster for getting test results and prescriptions. With the right healthcare apps, the treatment time has also gone down. Doctors can also interact amongst themselves and take quicker decisions about any complex surgery, without the need for being physically at one place!

Connect the patients and doctors for right resolutions

Medical apps allow doctors to receive real-time information about their patients. They can stay updated about medication, emergencies, temperature fluctuations, nutritional needs and more without having to visit the patient for each and every checkup. This greatly reduces the frequency of post-surgery follow ups. Because of this, even patients need not travel all the way to the institute or hospital to visit the doctor. This is pretty time saving and helps to avoids life-threatening emergencies.


So, there are many ways in which mobile apps are revolutionizing the healthcare sector. The apps should be simple to use, functional and meet the right demands. At EOV, we have years of experience in helping healthcare professionals and institutions build the right apps. With our expertise, they have been making the most of the right technology to help patients better and manage their records more efficiently.

If you are looking for any help with regards to building apps for your healthcare needs, please feel free to contact us now! Our team will be glad to assist you today!