Technology is evolving continuously. This implies that the changes are faster and quicker. However, it is not just technology that has seen a paradigm shift. Post the pandemic, we see numerous changes – not only in technology, but in many other fields like operations, marketing, functioning and more. 

Say, any IT professional in 2023-24 will need to be on their toes and constantly learn and relearn new things, failing which they’ll likely become obsolete in the contactless world of tomorrow.

In this blog, we will cover the top technology trends that we are likely to watch out in 2023-2034.

Latest Technology Trends That Will Steal the Show

Smarter Devices

With the power of AI/ML, our world has definitely become smarter and much smoother. In the coming few years, we are sure to witness more and more of smarter devices as the engineers are working on making AI home robots and appliances, wearables, fitness products and so much more! With smarter devices, there will be more generation of jobs that need expertise in IT and automation. More companies will transform into the digital space and hence, we can expect to see many innovative products reach the market in a couple of years.

Explosion of Data

In 2023-2024, we will see big-data, robotics, business intelligence analysis soaring high! Datafication will be a top sought-after thing. When we say datafication, we talk about transforming human tasks into data-driven technology. The next few years will emphasize on keeping all our data safe and secure, and use it for further technological advancements in our benefits. We are going to see more of smart phones, industrial appliances and office apps resorting to data-driven technology to get the most of latest technology.

Extended Reality

By extended reality, we refer every technology that simulate reality. This includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. As a concept, extended reality is gaining significance as more and more people are trying to break free from the “real” boundaries of the world. Without any tangible presence, this type of technology is very attractive to gamers, retailers, medical professionals and modelling enthusiasts. This means that the coming couple of years is going to witness a surge in the demand for game designers, architects, software developers and creative artists.

New Energy Solutions

It is no surprise that the world has been gearing up for a green space. People from all over the world have understood the importance of cleaner and greener practices – irrespective of the field that they are in. We are all conscious about the type of energy we are using, and how we minimize the consumption of anything that has an adverse effect on the planet. So, today we see more and more of electric or batter-operated cars and vehicles. The demand for these vehicles is sure to shot up in a couple of years. Apart from this, houses and offices are opting for cleaner fuel choices like solar and renewable energy. This alternative energy demand is sure to bring about some innovative solutions in 2023-2024 where we see technology at its creative best.

Cloud Computing

For many years now, cloud computing has been mainstream. Reputed players like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have been dominating the market. This trend is still relevant and in fact, is growing manifolds as we speak. With more and more data coming up each second, cloud computing is the key. Cloud infrastructure, cloud reliability, DevOps – these are some of the words that we are going to keep hearing about in the next few years.

Cyber Security

While cyber security is not a new concept, it certainly is an evolving one. With development in technology, threats have also developed! We face new threats constantly and hence, the security solutions need to be updated very, very frequently. Cyber security is a trend that is here to stay. What would be interesting to watch is the innovative solutions that ethical hackers or security engineers or malware analysts will bring about, to protect sensitive data from falling in notorious hands. Today, many companies are using latest technology to derive the best possible security measures and safely secure their sensitive and crucial information.


As we saw in the blog above, these technology trends will be shaping up the future of the product engineering world in the coming times. Are you ready for the change? If you would like to make the best of technology and the latest concepts to build a strong digital foothold and be successful, you can contact us now! With our extensive team, we possess all the necessary and latest skills to build you the right products in promised time!