About Us

Innovation meets Excellence

As the name truly reflects, Embarking on Voyage is the beginning of a journey towards totality. We are a reputed services and solutions designer firm that specializes in data science, analytics, digital transformation, digital marketing, to just name a few. We believe in steering towards excellence and providing end-to-end digital transformation services to our client base, spread across diverse domains. EOV is formed with Industry leaders from various domains who have many years of expertise and experience in their respective fields which contributes to our ability of requirement understanding, curating solutions, development, design experience, implementation, and support.


Whether you are looking for product engineering services or mobile application development services, we are ready to include all your needs in our service umbrella. By bringing together the necessary skills and capabilities, we are working towards merging the gap between services and products in order to achieve the maximum results from the latest technologies.

Our Founders


Abhishek Nag


Priya Nag


Our Leadership


Dinesh Sonsale

Head of Engineering

Rajiv Paul

EVP - Sales & Delivery America

Pankaj Tayade

Engineering Lead

Our Value System

EOV doesn’t aim to be just another name as mobile application development company or similar in the IT services sector. It aims to be THE name and hence, our focus is centered around a robust value system that fuels our passion to do what we do. Our team adheres to these values in each and every step of their journey here at EOV.


EOV is not owned by a single professional – it is owned by each of its members. Yes, we do not have employees here, we are all members working towards a better and brighter future. We focus on

  • Providing a proactive and innovative solution approach
  • Being accountable for the outcome
  • Honoring time commitment as the leading Outsourced Software Product Development company


Being out-of-the-box is what has been on our minds even before EOV was born! We are a flourishing team of dedicated and innovative individuals who work to make EOV the best mobile application development company. We are striving to bring to you something new each time and

  • Narrate delivery experience like never thought before
  • Bring to you a fresh approach on every need in question, that none else can offer


As a firm, we believe in equality, as a whole. Be it encouraging the team to put their ideas, thoughts, or apprehensions on the tables, or creating a welcoming environment to drive out any gender bias, EOV promises to give you a platform to simply be your best self! We believe in

  • Gender equality
  • Honoring thoughts of every individual
  • Giving a fair chance to act, encourage new ideas, and reward positive outcome


Ideas, innovation, and passion know no boundaries! How many of you agree? Diversity, being a core value in our system, allows us to incorporate the best of all worlds in our solutions and approach. We are all open to learning something new and so we,

  • Encourage fusion of various Cultures
  • Welcome ideas from team members across the world, channelizing them for a better customer’s journey, as our goal to be a leader in mobile application development services provider

Partner in Value delivery

The acceptance of and adherence to the above value systems differentiate EOV as a true partner in value delivery along with an Innovation-based engineering mindset.