Application Modernization Services

Helping you be ready for your digital journey by modernising your applications

app modernization

There is immense popularity for AI, blockchain and automation, that is growing by the second. As a business, are you confident that your applications are ready for these technologies? Are your apps compatible with multiple platforms, are scalable and will surely deliver unmatched user experience? If not, don’t worry. EOV is here with high-quality and effective application modernisation services for you.

The key to making your digital journey successful is modernising your existing apps. With EOV’s proven methods, agile experience, microservices experience, expert advice and advanced DevOps, you can easily enjoy an optimised application experience in minimum time.

Why Modernize your apps?

  • With legacy tech and IT apps, you can fall behind in the race. Even though they are crucial, they could be a hinderance to your overall efficiency and business operations.
  • With time, your existing systems can be a load on the budget and be unable to adapt to changes in the business process.
  • These old apps will also hinder speed to market and innovation. Therefore, you must partner with a leading mobile app development company like EOV for your app modernization needs

Our Offerings

Rationalization of existing applications

EOV considers rationalizing your existing applications as the first step towards modernization. This includes understanding which of your apps need to be upgraded, which are to be discarded, and which can be moved over to the cloud. Our experts use the industry best practices to help you understand what is a priority and take steps to implement the same. This is what makes us the best mobile application development company.

app modernization

Application migration to the correct cloud platform

Once we are done with evaluating your app portfolio, we provide robust, reliable and safe migration services for your apps that are ready to be moved over to cloud. With our innovative and secure migration services, we streamline the process and assist in successful migration, vis-a-vis minimising complications or errors. So, be it frontend web development or backend development, we are here for you!

app modernization

Development of fresh and modern applications for cloud

As a part of our application modernization services, we also help our clients with their new app requirements and needs for extensions with the help of DevOps. With a micro services architecture, your new apps are not only cloud-ready, but also give you better extensibility and profitability. Our mobile app development services and modernization offerings are quite comprehensive.

App Modernization

Using your cloud incompatible apps for better ROI

With EOV’s expert application modernization services, you do not have to worry about those apps that are not cloud-ready. Our API integration experts will help you in extracting the data from your current apps, using component refactoring. Further by using this extracted data, you can get more returns on your investments.

app modernization

Benefits of Application Modernization Services

Get the most for your organisation with EOV’s efficient application modernisation services.

  • See significant improvement in quality of product, performance and efficiency.
  • See improvement in overall cost reduction, thereby maximising profits.
  • See sustained user and employee satisfaction
  • See and reap the maximum benefits of digital transformation

Why Choose EOV?

Application modernization services are crucial for all business wishing to shift higher in their digital transformation journey. This makes it imperial to partner with the right team so that you get what you have aimed for.

  • EOV doesn’t only provide modernisation services to reduce your cost and risk. But, we are focussed towards providing a better user experience and creating optimum business value for you.
  • With our expert advice and years of experience, you can expect an increase in your productivity and revenue, coupled by better collaboration with your clients/customers.
  • Our application modernization process includes consolidation, migration, replacement and automation of your entire IT systems for an enhanced ROI.
  • We follow a customer-centric approach to better understand your business goals and what could be the best for your end customers. This helps us to build targeted plans for your business.
  • All in all, you get better customer experiences, unlock new business process, faster time to market and increased profits with EOV’s application modernization and mobile app development services.

If you are looking for a sure path to unlock the potential of your IT systems and move over to modern applications, you can get in touch with us today! Write to us at and get started on your journey to digital success!