Cloud native application development services

Accelerating your product innovation at affordable costs with cloud native services

Cloud native apps provide you with the right speed, without any compromises on the quality or security. They are highly beneficial in automatic scaling of your infrastructure and resources. With our cloud native application development services, you can build modern application with Google cloud, using all latest approaches such as microservices, containers and serverless.

EOV has a team of cloud experts to thoughtfully and skilfully guide you in your cloud native app development or migrating your existing apps onto the cloud. We provide end-to-end assistance, right from cloud readiness checks to strategy building, from infrastructure set up to architecture design and from migration to post development maintenance.

What can we do for you?

After a proper understanding of your business needs, and crafting a cloud strategy for you, our cloud experts will help you in designing the best cloud-based apps that will:

  • Simplify your operations and enhance engineering productivity by automatic building, testing, deployment and code management.
  • Automatically scale up and down based on the live traffic, thus helping you maximize your ROI.
  • Connect with your favorite and most-used tools such as Jenkins, Datadog, GitLab and more!
  • Be highly secure and meets all compliance checks across every artefact.

Our Offerings

Application transformation

We assist in transforming your existing products onto cloud for better availability, reliability and scalability. Our Cloud architects will help you in deciding the right approach for your app migration after carrying out proper audits. This will help you in maximizing your benefits of cloud native application development or migration.


EOV is the right partner for you when it comes to building infrastructure and CI/CD, Alerting and monitoring etc. With our able engineers, you can accelerate your delivery speed and optimize the use of resources.

Data Services

Whether you are planning to build your cloud native apps from scratch or want to migrate from on-premise to cloud, EOV helps in data management in the best possible way. Our team of data experts can craft customized data solutions for you that include AI/ML, Business Intelligence, Big Data or Data lake and so on.

App Modernization

Why Choose EOV?

  • Our experts have a futuristic vision and will help you build scalable apps, keeping in mind the growing traffic of the future.
  • With our detailed planning and use of latest technology, we can effectively manage the release process.
  • We follow the industry best practices when it comes to data security and compliance adherence. Each step of your cloud app development will be highly secure.
  • We will help you in optimizing your ROI, by giving you the best products at affordable costs

If cloud native app development is what is on your mind, contact us today for a free call! You can drop in a mail at