Data Analytics Services

Impact business decisions by using your organization’s enormous data valuably with our data analytics services.

Organizations around the world generate enormous amount of data on a daily basis in various ways like logfiles, web servers, customer-related data, and many more. It is imperative for organizations to use this generated data to streamline the processes, this is where data analytics plays a major role. With data analytics you can seamlessly explore and analyze the large datasets for hidden patterns and valuable insights. Some of the industries that have redefined the most by data analytics are hospitality, government and public sector services, agriculture and farming, education, banking and securities, retail, transportation, and entertainment sectors.

Why To Choose EOV’S Data Analytics Services?

Leveraging data analytics will help your organization to utilize its data to identify new opportunities. This would lead to the intelligent business decisions, efficient operations in a better way, huge profits, and customer satisfaction. Using data analytics add value in the form of cost reduction when it comes to storing huge amount of data. Assists in quick and better decision making by analyzing new sources of data. It gives the ability to measure the requirements of customers resulting in delivering the demand of customers through analytics.

With our data analytics services any organization can enhance productivity and gain profits. Use our data analytics to extract, acknowledge, and separate to recognize as well as analyze behavioral data.

  • We simplify complexity with data-enabled culture, tried statistical techniques, and user’s security is our topmost priority. Along with backend web development, we provide comprehensive data analytics services to our clients
  • We deliver quick and effective scaling, fast change adoption, and are aware of the in-depth insights of the industries.
  • Our style of working and development is totally centered around our client. We leverage agile methodologies and try to keep ourselves aligned with the organizational, cultural, and technical values.
  • Our team of engineers are highly dedicated and experienced with an analytical mindset. We are not only the best mobile app development company, but we provide competitive data analytics services too.

Our Offerings

Data Warehousing Services

EOV’s data warehousing services give you the advantage of focussing on your business completely. We have a fully managed data warehouse hosted in cloud that has a next generation and in-memory capabilities. Our data warehouse services include a design comprising of in-database analytics. Our deployment time is short with the ability to deploy in just minutes with quick cloud provisioning. Whether you are looking to hire frontend developer or looking for data warehousing, we are your one stop destination!

Data Cleansing Services

EoV’s data cleansing rules are usually stored in Registry service database and are always assigned to namespace and qualified property names. We install the cleansing rules when the database is installed. This gives an advantage to the user to add, update, or delete the custom cleansing rules. The user won’t be able to delete the default rules that are already present in the database. The custom cleansing rules can be easily modified at any point of time. We not only provide mobile app development services, but also help to restore the default cleansing rule by removing any of the custom files.

Data Validation Services

Precise data is important for any business, therefore before you use it for strategizing or compiling purposes with the master database, just make sure to verify it. And, this is where EOV’s data validation services help you improve and better your database by providing exceptional data validation. Along with world-class mobile application development services, we leverage advanced tools and methodologies to assure that you get great quality and correct data by following all the strict data related verification processes. Some of our major data validation services are data input services, data validation services, multichannel data validation services, and accurate database creation services.

Benefits of Data Analytics Services:

Leveraging EOV’s data analytics services will benefit you in multiple ways, just like using our mobile app development services will help your business. Speed up your business and get the most out of it with our expertise in data analytics:

  • With data cleansing service, it will help in detecting as well as rectifying the errors from your data sets. This will result in improving the data quality and simultaneously benefit the customers and sectors like banks, insurance, and finance companies.
  • Removes the duplicate information from the data sets, thus saving large memory space. It is cost effective.
  • Based on the historic data and customers buying behaviour on the ecommerce websites, it helps in showing the relevant ads. Leverages Machine Learning algorithm to increase revenue and company’s productivity.
  • Banking sectors can leverage data analytics services to identify fraudulent customer on the basis on historic data analysis.
  • Security agencies can leverage it for surveillance and monitoring related purposes based on information gathered by the sensors.

Why Choose EOV?

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