Database Implementation & Migration Services

Helping you build, scale and migrate robust and secure databases

Databases are technologies that cut across all genres of technology and domains. Whether it is financial services or retail or healthcare- a database is imperative for any IT implementations. A trusted IT partner would have the expertise and the understanding to apply the right set of database implementation and migration technologies to help your IT systems run as smoothly and securely as possible. At EOV, our database experts help you navigate this complex world of databases where you make business decisions and IT makes those decisions work for you.

In databases, long gone are the days where a single large provider would suffice for nearly any implementation. The landscape today is filled with both new and classical technologies that have their own benefits and caveats.

Why databases and migrations services?

‘Why databases’ is a fairly simple argument. You have data- you need to store it somewhere. Hence databases. ‘Why database services’ is a more interesting question. The answer is again about the range of tech available to you today. Right from the latest offering from Oracle to an Open Source version of SQL, you have a gamut of NoSQL databases that might do the trick for you. Not to forget the daunting set of technologies around big data that make it more complex. Being the best React native app development company, we have the right skillset for all your needs!

Our services are designed to

  • Pick the right tech for your use case
  • Construct a maiden implementation
  • Validate the implementation
  • Extend the tech or revise
  • Implement for any compliance standards (HIPAA, GDPR etc.)

We also help you migrate your databases. That can be a challenge at times, especially using completely different stacks. For example, a stack of records in Oracle 10g needing to migrate to Apache Cassandra. Apart from the SQL – noSQL mapping, there is a lot more that needs to happen. Our services not only help you with the right strategy to get the technology to work, but we also help you with the most critical aspects of migrations- availability, performance management and data transformations. Our migration architects work with you to find the right strategy across all these areas. Looking to hire backend developer? Or migration architects? We are the answer to all your queries!

Our Offerings

Data Strategy Services

The first step to database or migration is the evaluation or creation of strategy. Apart from the questions of performance, security, availability and compliance, our data strategy seeks to understand the business applications which would use the data. This service is aimed at reaching an agreed upon data strategy which are aligned to the business goals you have. We not only provide the best mobile app development services, but we are experts at database migration too!

database migration

SQL Database Implementation Services

There are many new and fancy technologies in the market. But for many use cases, SQL-based database systems are still the best bet. Today, you have a wide range of free and commercial licenses to choose from. We help you do that and implement the schema that we arrived at with you, making sure that the technology chosen fits into your tech stack and your business goals. Be it mobile application development services or database migration services, EOV is your #1 choice!

database migration

NoSQL Database Implementation Services

NoSQL is no longer the buzzword from before. It is very much prevalent in multiple modern websites today. We have extensive experience with technologies like MongoDB and Apache Cassandra that help you reach maximal performance with your databases. This of course depends on the strategy and the data ratio of structured vs unstructured. We are also adept at cloud versions of NoSQL like Cosmos DB to help you harness no SQL over the cloud.

database migration

Database Migration Services

With migration, you have no one-size fits all solution. We help to arrive at the right approach for this and then we execute it keeping availability, performance and security as key metrics in the migration exercise. We have used Snowpipe, AWS Database Migration Service, Azure Migration Service and we have also built custom connectors to help disparate tech stacks talk to each other. We are also the best React native app development company. An example is a JDBC – DynamoDB connector which worked in realtime- we can help you build connectors and also do a lift and shift data migration depending upon what your business requires.

database migration

Benefits of Application Modernization Services

Get the most for your organisation with EOV’s structured and metrics-driven database and migration services.

  • Access your data with high performance, security and availability
  • Own a more modern tech stack and save on technical debt
  • Enjoy hassle-free, painless and secure migration
  • Stay compliant with the right standard as per your context

Why Choose EOV?

Database services and migration services are crucial for ensuring that your digital transformation journey get the right support from the data side of things and that your data is always there to be analyzed, used and sold (if need be) when you need it to.

  • EOV’s approach to databases revolves around creating the right strategy for you and your systems. This makes sure that you sign up for the tech that you truly need instead of following the latest buzz on the market.
  • Security and compliance are primary drivers of our implementation. Ever since GDPR came into play, a lot of consideration needs to be provided towards the locale, storing mechanism and distributed-ness of the databases. You can leave the worrying to us, while you think about the applications of the data. Same goes for if you are looking to hire backend developer for your needs
  • Knowing the old and the new is important for us. We not only understand classical technologies in databases but we also have expertise in the new wave of technologies you see and hear about today. We make sure that you get the best of all the worlds when you come to us.
  • Enhanced cloud literacy in our organization helps you to seamlessly work between on-prem and in-cloud databases. This becomes very useful if you ever have to modernize, integrate or just move to the cloud. Being the most sought after mobile app development company, the benefit comes from being able to use similar teams across a range of tech, thus saving you worry and capital.

Unsure about the right path to database nirvana? Or do you already have a strategy you want to implement? You can get in touch with us today! Write to us at and get started on your journey to digital success!