DevOps As A Service

Emerging Methodology in Product Engineering Initiatives

With EOV’s DevOps services empower your tech product without jeopardizing your infrastructure capacities and its environment.

Our aim is to deliver the top-notch automated, collaborated, and agile software development life-cycle method to build an organization’s desirable product. Give your software the speed, reliability, and efficiency that it deserves with our DevOps as a service.

DevOps Capabilities

In an IT organization, developers and operations in the past have worked independently in isolation. These were separated due to many reasons like the practices followed in an organization and the shift from waterfall methodology to agile software development processes. DevOps offers variety of things in this complex world of development.

EOV’s DevOps Capabilities is a well-structured DevOps environment. Following these capabilities in the right way gives the best results to any business. For EOV, there are some important DevOps capabilities that are a pillar to successful software development. These DevOps capabilities include right collaboration, automation, continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, and continuous monitoring. We offer a variety of DevOps capabilities services as well as mobile application development services that are crucial during the product development life cycle.

Our Offerings

Infrastructure Provisioning Automation / IaaC: Infra as a Code

Infrastructure as a code (IAC) is utilized to automate the provisioning of infrastructure. This will result in authorizing the organization to develop, deploy, and scale cloud applications with high speed, reduced risk, and less cost. The benefits of our IAC provisioning service includes product’s less time to the market, better consistency with less configuration drift, faster, and more effective development. It also offers protection against rate of attrition and lower costs with better ROI. Stay ahead of the game with our mobile app development services.

We have worked on the following projects

  • setting up the landing zone environment
  • hosting the workloads under a secure AWS infrastructure deployed automatically
  • multiple AWS serverless application over multiple AWS account
  • We have also successfully set up the ECs cluster for a web application.

Tools that we leverage

  • Terraform
  • Terragrunt and
  • AWS Cloud formation.

Centralized Log Aggregation, Monitoring and Visualization

The log management deployment in context and at scale always lacks speed, is complicated, and lacks attainability. At EOV, we help our customers in collecting, searching, and relating the explained logs from various applications, infrastructure, and network devices to resolve them quickly and thoroughly examine. We offer cloud-based centralized log management as well as analysis to make the logs collection, storing, monitoring, and analysis effective. With us, customers can smoothly aggregate the logs for comprehensive analysis. We are not only the leading mobile app development company, but we also are experts in DevOps.

How we work?

  • We have a single system to analyze logs from multiple applications and infrastructure components.
  • Centralized log aggregation
  • Create visualization dashboards to extract the useful data for business purposes from the logs.

We have worked on the following projects:

  • Log aggregation for compliance from more than 5,000 servers for telecom client
  • Log aggregation for a Bahrain based high traffic travel website from Cloud infrastructure and application

Tools that we leverage:

  • ELK, AWS Cloudwatch logs
  • Pagerduty, AWS SNS, Slack, Microsoft Teams Alerting
  • Prometheus + Grafana Monitoring
app modernization

CI/CD Automation

With our CI/CD automation, we streamline the software development to make the workflows efficient. DevOps environment requires productivity and accuracy at a high level. Having a robust CI/CD pipeline assists in automating the software delivery. Continuous integration allows to build the code and run the tests in the pipeline whereas continuous delivery streamlines the build, test and release workflow. EOV’s CI/CD automation process follows a multi-step workflow that involves certain activities like updating the mainline multiple times in a day with the updates.

We automate and address the testings like API testing, load testing, UI testing, regression testing, functional testing, non-functional testing, cross-browser testing with CI/CD. We are also your most preferred mobile app development company.

We offer:

  • Migrating Jenkins to AWS CICD (Codepipeline, Codedeploy, Code Artefact , Codebuild and ECR)
  • Static Code Analysis using Checkmarx
  • Test case coverage & Pull request analysis in Sonarqube

We have worked on the following projects:

  • Setting up Java based application deployment pipeline in Azure Devops for horse race betting application
  • Setting up Azure AKS deployment pipelines in Github actions for an AI based prediction engine
  • Setting up Jenkins builds jobs for AWS serverless applications for insurance web application

Tools that we leverage:

  • AWS Codebuild, Code Artefact, Codepipeline, Codedeploy & ECR
  • Azure Devops
  • Github Actions
  • SonarQube, Checkmarx


Containerization is quite popular in software development as an alternative to virtualization. With containerization, customers are allowed to pack up the software code and its dependencies to make it smoothly and consistently run on any infrastructure.

Use containerization to create and deploy applications quickly and securely.

EOV’s containerization process offers notable benefits like portability, agility, high-speed, containerized application’s isolation, efficiency, and ease of management. All these benefits get rightly reflected on our projects that has empowered customers to achieve desirable results.

We offer:

  • Containerisation of existing application components, deployment to AWS ECS & Fargate
  • Migration of AI based application from AWS ECS to Azure AKS (Kubernetes)
  • Setting up deployment of microservice based application on Kubernetes using Helm charts

We have worked on the following projects:

  • Migration of on-prem applications to AWS ECS & Fargate
  • Migration of AI Based predictive analysis application from AWS ECS to Azure AKS for
  • Setting up deployment of microservices based application on Kubernetes using Helm charts

Tools that we leverage:

  • Azure AKS
  • AWS EKS, ECS and Fargate
  • Helm Charts

Why Choose EOV for DevOps as a Services?

  • We put ourselves in your shoes to understand your product related challenges to come up with the best solutions.
  • We have a team of highly experienced engineers who are dedicated towards offering a top-notch customer satisfaction. They are certified project management, risk management or Scrum Masters professionals. If you want to hire backend developer also, we are here for you!
  • We are acquainted with new technologies and leverage them to deliver the outstanding results.

If you are looking for a sure path to unlock the potential of your IT systems and move over to modern applications, you can get in touch with us today! Write to us at and get started on your journey to digital success!