London – 14-06-24 – EmbarkingOnVoyage, a leading data and product engineering services company, successfully navigated the dynamic waters of London Tech Week 2024 between June 10-14, 2024. Additionally, apart from ISVs, SIs, digital agencies, and large enterprises are connected with many industry leaders who are committed to investing heavily in GenAI and deep learning. 

London Tech Week provided a phenomenal platform to showcase EOV’s commitment, expertise and passion for creating groundbreaking solutions when it comes to the adoption of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) for business,” said Abhishek, CEO at EOV. “The energy and collaborative spirit of the delegates and exhibitors resonated strongly with our team, and we had the privilege of engaging with some of the brightest minds in the tech sector and sharing how EOV embrace AI first with significant investment in training LLMs which would help enterprise for more hyper-personalized output.” 

EOV made its presence felt during London Tech Week by participating actively in: 

EOV made its presence felt during London Tech Week by participating actively in: 

  • Exhibits: The showcase of AI capabilities along with LLMs data analytics, UI/UX design, product modernization, and competitive product development, along with our value proposition in product engineering, fascinated the attendees. 
  • Networking Events: EOV fostered valuable connections with potential partners and clients. Discourse centred around straddling the ever-changing digital landscape to develop process optimization, profit maximization and mutual goals. 

EOV’s commitment to innovation extends beyond London Tech Week. The company is consistently striving for technological breakthroughs that will give businesses an edge over their competitors in a dynamic market like this one. 

About EOV 

EOV is the leading company specializing in GenAI, Data & Product Engineering. Our team of dedicated experts enables companies (Technology firms/ISVs, major corporations and SMEs) to disrupt technology by delivering cutting-edge solutions. We close the gap between services and products using advanced technology that brings about better outcomes and exceptional experiences. 

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