Berlin, 2nd May, 2022: EOV Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was at DMEA which took place in Berlin from 26th to 28th April, 2022. There were more than 11,000 trade visitors and 600 exhibitors present from more than 27 countries. The DMEA is a leading event for promoting the digitization of healthcare industry. EOV is proud to be a part of such a magnanimous platform where it got a chance to showcase its valued contribution in the field of healthcare technology. Not only this, but EOV was glad to learn more about latest developments and products in the health-tech segment.

Mr. Abhishek Nag, CEO and Co-Founder of EOV opines, “We had a great time at the DMEA 2022 where we got an open opportunity to learn, train and network with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry from all over the world. With experts from politics, self-government, science and business – all under one roof, it was an exhilarating experience and we are returning with a lot of valuable insights from here”. He further added “The future of healthcare industry will transform beyond imagination. The future will be data driven. Telehealth will take the centerstage of the modern healthcare ecosystem, especially for companies focused on the same in developing nations where a large part of the population has still no access to healthcare. Confluence of EHR, HIS along with data health on mobile will revolutionize the digital health ecosystems. ”

About EOV Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

EOV Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading services and solutions designer firm that is steering towards excellence by their sheer craftsmanship and dedication. EOV has been successfully creating a brand name in healthcare technology where they provide innovative solutions and products to address various challenges faced by institutions and professionals fro the industry