The current market is quite competitive and dynamic out there. And, looking at the current market the businesses shouldn’t stop themselves from trying out new tools and cutting-edge technologies that are easily accessible. Taking a smart and right decision rightly helps an organization in its growth process. The changing technology brings along a lot of bottlenecks, risks, and requires a certain amount of investment too. And, to keep up with all these different angles in a business, a business analyst (BA) plays a crucial role. A business analyst extensively explores and understands the various technologies to cater to the clients’ requirements.

Before, getting into the details of the role of a business analyst and how our business analyst can add value to your business, let’s understand the business analysis first

What is Business Analysis?

Business analysis in layman’s terms is to understand the data in depth by leveraging certain techniques and combinations. Also, performing tasks to easily determine the business requirements and suggesting changes comes under business analysis. Pitching the solutions to ensure that the stakeholders can extract the required knowledge out of it is something that adds extra value to the business analysis process. These solutions differ from software related to organizational changes like upgrading the processes, introducing new technologies, and strategic planning engagement.

Now, let’s check out the role of an EOV’s Business analyst in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Role of EOV’s Business Analyst in SDLC:

SDLC phase comprises 5 different stages that are planning, analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance. EOV’s business analyst makes sure to assist each stage of the program’s lifecycle. The business analyst must make the customer comfortable throughout the early as well as the continuous delivery of their software. Our business analysts are integral to our business as they quickly identify the business requirements and are capable of catering a solution as well. Find out below the role of our Business Analyst during an SDLC:

Phase 1 – Inception Phase: Understanding the client and the customers are crucial whenever a project is at a starting phase. A business analyst looks after the complete objective of any project by following a customer-oriented approach. Our business analyst conducts meetings with your stakeholders to understand the process and technology. It helps our BA to draft a substantial and obtainable roadmap for the client to deliver the services. The inception phase is considered a crucial phase because the decisions taken should be able to produce positive results in the future to achieve goals.

Phase 2 – Elaboration Phase: In this phase, our business analyst drafts a plan that requires a robust, efficient, and agile environment to be executed. At this phase, innovative solutions are incorporated to have a seamless continuous up-gradation of services. The BA creates comprehensive user stories containing the customer requirements and the value proposition made to the client. The role of our BA includes assisting the design process of a solution with the stakeholders, designers, and developers to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Phase 3 – Design Phase: Our business analyst tries to bridge the gap between the customer journey and design to avoid the missed opportunities in cross-selling. The BA offers implementation, design, and expertise to bring a client’s vision to life. In this phase, the BA is the one who produces customer-related UX, UI, technical statements, workflows, wireframes, and process definitions to cater to our client’s requirements. With our BA, your team will have a clear future vision and will make them familiar with new processes to own their product in the long run.

Phase 4 – Implementation Phase: EOV’s business analyst takes care of certain things during the implementation phase like contributing to the production. Also, creating the practical specifications along with the content and structure. The BA works toward selecting different elements varying on the projects. Builds the content strategy, input requirements, and collection of input, explains the entire vision, governance issues as well as the final strategy structure. Assists in identifying the various opportunities to leverage the tools. Identifies the challenges that can occur in the current project and recommends various solutions to mitigate them.

Phase 5 – Testing Phase: After the implementation phase, the testing phase comes in. BA plays a crucial role in any testing activity carried out because of their vast knowledge related to the requirements. Our BA’s responsibilities during the dedicated testing phase comprise resolving the testing team queries, validating the issues faced, assigning the issues to the concerned dev team, and collaborating with the dev team and business to reach a solution.

Thus, it is quite clear that a BA makes your product simple and robust. EOV’s BA showcases multiple capabilities like soft and hard skills along with a wide range of experience in IT or business background. They showcase strong analytical thinking and have great problem-solving skills. Great facilitation skills and a detail-oriented outlook with exceptional organizational skills. Demonstrating extensive knowledge of the business structures and are familiar with the understanding of networks, databases, and the working of technologies.

Final words- Why you should opt for Business Analyst?

Opting for a BA will help your organization to have a regulated approach towards creating and looking after the change within your organization. The BA will instantly identify the vulnerabilities, define the requirements based on feedback and communication with the stakeholders, implement the solutions by organizing them, and will observe the results as well. They will bring a positive change to the organization and will assist in understanding the needs of an organization and would know how to meet the requirements. Thus, a business analyst is a valuable resource to an organization and to a business that assists at each step to make the best move based on a calculated and strategic scale.

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