When Metaverse came into being a few months back, it created quite a stir in all verticals around the world. Everyone was enthusiastic and excited about what all it could do the existing world and the way it functions. Today, more and more industries are adopting the technological benefits of this amazing concept and revolutionizing the way they have been performing so far.

The travel industry is an emerging segment today. With the world almost done with the coronavirus pandemic (or at least, exhausted from it) is all set to bring around a boom in this industry. The future remains quite unpredictable and fertile. The introduction of Metaverse, of 3D augmented reality environment has added a lot of hopes and adventures to this industry. How?

In this blog, we will look at how the travel industry could change by embracing metaverse.

Metaverse in the travel industry

Below we will see a few points as to how the travel industry could benefit from embracing metaverse.

Bringing equality in the travel sector

We travel to broaden our experiences and include more of other cultures, tastes and adventures, that are not our own. It is quite ironic that up until now, there have not been many travel provisions for those who are physically or financially challenged to travel. Not everyone can physically or financially afford to make do with the various offerings of the travel sector. Now, what does metaverse do here? It creates a very lucrative opportunity to bring more equality into the sector by letting everyone experience various locales in an engaging way. Without leaving your comfortable place or spending a fortune, you can travel virtually, regardless of any restrictions. When we say restrictions, it could mean any country-specific restrictions, or pandemic restrictions or your own budgetary restrictions.

Magnifying the luxury travel industry

Since it is an immersive, engaging sensory experience, Metaverse amplifies the luxury travel industry in many ways. These days everyone wants to travel to luxury places, thanks to the social media hypes. While it could be quite an expensive affair to travel to these places, Metaverse has the perfect solutions for those interested. It allows people to engage with luxury services like experiencing a hotel room, enjoying a restaurant or take up a virtual baking class from the finest chef in New York. For those who are already in the luxury-travel class, Metaverse promises to heighten their experiences by eliminating the need to try out any process such as seat or hotel booking. So, basically you can choose which flight seat you would want, or which hotel room you want to stay in, before booking them.

Immersive marketing by tourism departments

The authorities in charge of tourism development in any state, any where can use Metaverse as an effective marketing tool to provide virtual experiences to people and attract them to their place. It can be used for deputation for people looking to relocate, for education for those looking to move for higher studies. With the right marketing strategy, you can also boost your travel revenue. With Metaverse, you can offer attractions and events to customers sitting anywhere in the world. We have already seen during the pandemic, how it has been used to host concerts, award shows and more. By holding such events virtually, will also help authorities to understand and grasp the audience behavior and preferences.

Rebranding opportunities

All those places which had been earlier labelled as boring or ‘not worthy’ get a second chance with Metaverse. So, if a place is not very attractive as per its previous feedbacks, can get the opportunity to reinvent and rebrand themselves. The tourism department can use augmented reality to create unique experiences and attractions virtually, say for example NFT galleries. This will help to drive more of virtual tourism. As a result, any city’s personality gets a makeover! Besides this, with Metaverse, the lesser known places can also market themselves as impressive attractions. This will generate more interest within the masses.


Metaverse in the travel and tourism industry looks promising. In making the expensive places affordable, unpopular locations become popular and unattractive destinations become attractive. Not only does it help in marketing and rebranding, but it can also bridge the inequality gaps. This further diversifies the sector.

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