React Native X Firebase is quite popular and in this blog today, we will cover a few important examples using it and firebase.

We will start with login system creation and move on to chat and push notifications. At the end, we will also see how we can use React Native and Firebase to edit a profile.

Login System 

To create efficient login module we have used the firebase social login which is convenient and easy for the end user. It provides 3 mainly used social logins i.e apple Facebook and google. Although we only use apple login on iOS and not on android. The technology is react native which means only one codebase for android and iOS we need to use the platform identifier for apple login to work. If platform ===‘iOS’ then only show and enable to apple login ow hide and disable it. We have implemented the standard login with email and password if the user doesnt want to login with Facebook google or apple. Once user is logged in their details are fetched from the socials and stored in the firebase data store and fetched from data store later everytime the user logs in. These libraries are used to achieve this 


To implement chat we have used firebase as well, as it provides the functionality to do so at a minimum cost and setup, we can share text image and video(currently) 


Push notifications 

To implement notification, we are using the package react-native-push-notificationreact-native-push-notification’ and ‘react-native-firebase/messaging’ which allows us to get an unique id for each device which will help us identify and sort the users by uid and send them the appropriate notifications. 

Edit Profile 

To change the users first name last name or profile picture, here we use firebase as well. To achieve this, a Unique id(UID) is fetched from the login manager. Then, we pass it to function where we can change the users personal info. For this we have used 


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