It was exactly a year ago when EOV was registered and Abhishek Nag, the CEO of Embarking On Voyage(EOV) started his entrepreneurial journey.

For EOV’s successful completion of one year, we would sincerely like to thank and appreciate the support of our clients, colleagues, family, and friends and truly believing in us. Already we have built great relationships and our aim is to strengthen these relationships further by adding some more to our list. Thanks to each one of you who trusted us throughout this one-year journey and made it a success.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Barbara Hoffman

We have truly lived by this quote this entire year and we still continue to follow it religiously. As we started EOV with an aim to deliver excellence in the digital world in the best way we can, the start wasn’t smooth. Gradually things started taking shape and the business became fully functional as well as an operative from February 2021. Pandemic touched us as well but we never let the determination and spark become dull which was there since day one.

We started with four headcounts that included the core members. Initially, we had three clients right after EOV was incorporated. We became fully operational in less than ten months and acquired ten new accounts of which two are amongst the fortune fifty. Currently, we are approaching thirty-seven headcounts. Our innovation hub is based out of Pune and we have two international sales offices based out of Virginia, USA, and The Netherlands.

The CEO, Abhishek Nag comes with an experience of thirteen years and around fifty thousand business meetings globally. He decided to start his entrepreneurial journey after gaining fair experience in the global market and closely analyzing customer behavior in offshore software development services. One constant feedback he received from his clients was of the lack of an experienced offshore team. This motivated him to cater the right technical services by forming a team of skilled engineers and then fulfilling the growing global market demand. Being based out of the USA and Europe for a long, he also desired to create employment opportunities for skilled and talented people. His idea of delivering a differentiated digital experience with a positive customer experience is rightly aligned with his team members.

The core team that is responsible for innovations and tagged as EOV’s problem solvers are Priya Nag (Director), Rajiv Paul (EVP – Sales & Delivery America), Mandar Thosar (Principal Advisor – Marketing), Dinesh Sonsale (Head of Engineering), and Pankaj Tayare (Engineering Lead). These leadership members also bring combined delivery experience of nearly 30 years in offshore product engineering services serving clients from Virginia, California, Chicago, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

With our team of highly skilled engineers and subject-matter experts, we aim to become the value creators in the digital and data engineering space. We work towards innovation and writing green code, this is what we followed in our journey of one year as well.

As the name suggests ‘Embarking On Voyage’, setting out on a journey. So, for us this symbolizes two parties coming together and setting out on their first journey. In this journey, our only aim is to be the right choice for our clientele and add more and more value to their tech product.