Technology is an indispensable part of every field now. Especially after the pandemic, there has been an ever-rising indulge of technology in healthcare application. Mobile health apps have started becoming ever so popular, Telehealth, telemedicine are being looked up to and smart pills are all set to win over the medical genre.

In this blog, we will cover a few trends that are expected to be followed by technology in healthcare sector.

Digital transformation in healthcare institutions

Healthcare facilities and set ups are all set to welcome complete digital transformation, without which they might miss out on true value creation. Let us now look at  the top trends for 2022 in the field of healthcare technology.

Trend #1 – Telehealth and Telemedicine

During the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine saw an exponential rise. This is here to stay! The rise is more than 150 times of what it was in the previous decades. According to McKinsey, the total US healthcare spend could be about USD 250 bn, in only virtual medicines! So, why telemedicine is the future?

It is cost effective for both patients and hospitals wherein the costs go down by 10-15% for the former. On the other hand, hospitals save on the payments that they have to pay per patient visit. Also, telemedicine has resulted in better outcomes in creating value.

Telemedicine platforms should be secure, provide real time location services and come with appointment management services. So, what trends to consider? It is also essential to integrate Electronic Health Records or EHRs to your telemedicine app. It will allow browsing patient records seamlessly. Cloud based server solutions are also important to make different processes function properly.

Trend #2 – Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Of the total IoT market, IoMT takes up about 30% , and is expected to reach $6.2 trillion by the year 2025. Today, a lot of wearable health devices have become very popular like ECG and EKG monitors, BP instruments etc. They allow doctors to monitor remote patients easily. With IoMT, smart pills have also come to the forefront. Approved in 2017 by the FDA, they give doctors the power to exercise many innovative options in remote healthcare management. We can expect more of chronic disease monitoring technologies, disability and rehabilitation assistance  and speech assistance etc.

Trend #3 – AI and ML

Reports say the healthcare AI market is likely to grow 10 times by the year 2025 and reach a total of $13 billion. Today, artificial intelligence sees mane applications in the healthcare field. A few examples include cancer diagnosis and treatment, chatbot technology for patient assistance, virtual nursing assistance and more. Many startups and enterprises are also using AI/ML to enhance efficiency and productivity, while augmenting innovative solutions.

Trend #4 – AR/VR in healthcare

The augmented reality or virtual reality headsets are greatly helping patients who suffer from dementia or cognitive impairments. They are also being increasingly used to train students at reasonable costs. With AR/VR sets, doctors also get the opportunity to brace themselves for any unpredictable surgeries. This steady rise in AR/VR technology is all set to skyrocket in the coming years, with more and more healthcare professionals opting for them.

Trend #5 – Blockchain technology

Today, data needs to be secure, accessible and portable. This is crucial for virtual businesses to flourish. Data security and safe sharing are of high importance and this is where, blockchain technology comes into picture. The peer-to-peer system of blockchain is what makes way for users to access a common source, ensuring safety and credibility.

Trend #6 – Protective analysis and big data

Big data has been revolutionizing the healthcare sector. It is quite evident from the fact that there is a rise in computing capabilities and advanced database usage. Medical diagnosis and imaging create a vast amount of data. Big data is what gives the power to process all these huge amounts of data and convert them into actionable information. This information is of crucial significance to patients and health care institutions. Because of its high advantages, big data is finding increasing demand in this sector and is likely to witness exemplary growth in the coming years.


Digital technologies are rising, thanks to technological advancements and also the pandemic we just witnessed. The trends that we discussed above have just started to pick up. In the coming years, a majority of these technologies will become indispensable in the medical field. They will surely revolutionize the way healthcare sector performs. If you have any technological idea with regards to healthcare and would like to take it ahead, we are here for you! Contact us today to integrate your healthcare apps onto the cloud server, or to build any specific modern apps for your medical field requirements.