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EOV Data Privacy Policy:  

Embarking On Voyage is sensitive to privacy issues and we respect your privacy as it is important to us. Embarking On Voyage and its group companies (‘EOV’, ‘’we’’, ‘’us’’, ‘’our’’) duly respect your privacy and in general has no objection to the users visiting our website without giving any personal information. However, depending on certain circumstances that are mentioned below, EOV may ask you to provide your personal data. 


Collection of personal information 
Depending on the circumstances, we will request you for some personal information like your name, email address, company name, or mobile number. It is totally your decision whether you want to give these details or not. Any information that you will provide is strictly voluntary. EOV uses this information to capture feedback based depending on your visit to our website. EOV uses HubSpot to capture information. EOV may use the data provided by you for business purposes and to notify you by sending across the information related to new services to keep you updated. Also, you can visit our website anytime without giving the personal data but there are certain sections in the website that would require you to provide the information. If the details aren’t shared in such sections, then you won’t be able to access them. We are under no obligation to check the source of your personal data medium and you are under no obligation as well to give us your personal data, we hope that you understand this. 

Gathering information for online survey purposes 
There are times when we conduct online surveys to understand the profile and requirements of our website visitors. So, whenever we conduct a survey, we will keep you in the loop regarding the use of information that we will collect from you online. You have all rights to not take part in the survey. 

How we use your information? 

As mentioned, earlier we use the information to analyze the site usage to make our website better. We use the personal information for certain purposes like to answer your query, to process the application form that you submitted with us, to answer to any legal process and court order as demanded by the law and to be able to take action against any illegal activity and keep a check on the threat. 

Gathering domain information 

Embarking On Voyage never collects the email addresses of the website visitors but we do collect the domain related information as a part of the analysis practice. With this data we get a better understanding of the visits on our website, the frequency of visits, and the sections that are most accessed. We further use this information to make our web-based offerings better. This information is automatically captured and you don’t have to carry out any action. By visiting our website, you give EOV the consent to collect your domain names. 

Disclosure to third parties 

As mentioned above w capture information via HubSpot and we do not believe in sharing any client’s information until the client permits us to share via the client’s email. Moreover, such information is only shared amongst the EOV members and Consultants working on our projects. In case of both these cases EOV follows a tight data security agreement highly following the norms of GDPR and Right to Maintain Privacy of an individual.  

As permitted by law, EOV may share your personal information with agents and partners of the company related to the services these individuals or entities perform for or with the company. The data shared with agents, entities, and partners aren’t allowed to use the data in any other way than to provide services for the company. The company has all the rights to share your personal information to governmental authorities based on duly authorized information requests or required by law. The company reserves the right to share its entire database of website visitors and customers with apt governmental authorities. We may be required to disclose your personal information for a business reorganization, amalgamation or merger. 


Some pages on our website use ‘’cookies’’ that are just small files that the site would place on your hard drive for the website to remember your identity. These files are used for purposes like site registration and customization the next time you visit the website. Your browser will prompt when you receive a cookie giving you the option to either accept it or not. If you do not accept cookies some sections won’t respond completely and would result in prohibiting you to access certain information on this site. 

Embarking On Voyage reserves the right to amend, modify, or update the statement anytime without giving a notice.

Contact us 

If you have any question about this Privacy Policy or wish to contact us for any reason in relation to our personal data processing, please contact us at