Revolutionizing digital transformation
across different sectors


The Healthcare sector is an increasingly complex environment that gets frequent regulatory mandates and hence, needs constant technological updates. EOV has been providing the necessary technological backup and advances that are needed by leading healthcare providers to capitalize their growth on. We provide a range of digital healthcare services, using the latest mobile technology, cloud storage, and managed services, along with competitive mobile app development services for healthcare partners.

Digital Commerce

Leveraging digital channels like internet, mobile networks and commerce infrastructure is your digital commerce or D-commerce. Get personalized digital experiences with EOV’s digital commerce and be able to acquire a customer base through retention. Now, empower your organization by interlinking and orchestrating the channels to offer amazing customer experiences across all channels. EOV offers integrated services and solutions for digital commerce industries to develop a personal, smooth, and exceptional experiences to be able to connect and retain customers. We are also the #1 mobile app development company that caters to all your specific needs.

Digital Commerce


Digitalization has completely revolutionized the way banking and financial service providers operate. Today, there is a lot of innovation in the financial business models with more and more preference for bitcoins, crowd funding, digital payments etc. EOV extends the best of IT digital solutions and mobile application development services to this industry and looks at data storage, security, management, product design and development and much more.


The travel and tourism sector has been flourishing with technological advancements in this decade. Starting from booking apps to demand for virtual tours of desired destination, the role of technology has been revolutionizing in this sector. At EOV, we have been actively engaging our technological expertise to come up with ever-evolving solutions such as recognition technology, mobile integration for travel companies, personalization of experience, development of travel and activities booking platform etc. Looking to hire frontend developer for your travel business? Ask us now!

development of travel and activities booking platform

Above are few of our industry focus, If you are from other industries, please feel free to drop us an email at We would be glad to share relevant content of your interest and will be happy to help you!