Data Engineering Services

Unleashing the power of data in scaling your business

Digital transformation has brought about an emergence of close association between human resource and machines. Deep learning and analytics have made it possible to fuse human skills and machine intelligence to give power-packed results for businesses. However, one crucial outcome of such associations is the huge amount of data and algorithms that one has to manage efficiently and in a systematic way. Managing and storing all that data could be tedious and cost you a fortune! Well, not anymore!

EOV has a highly qualified team of data engineers and scientists who help to create and manage all your data, its infrastructure, and its role in making decisions. We are experts in providing data engineering services that include storage, AI, ML, Data analytics, business intelligence, and more. Our services can be customized to suit your specific business needs and cost limitations.

What can we do for you?

After a thorough understanding of your business and its requirements, our able team of data engineers will craft an architecture tailored to suit your data requirements. We can help in

  • The creation of highly efficient data storage solutions and mobile app development services
  • Application of business rules in a structured way
  • Optimization of your data
  • Generate insightful and conclusive reports to modify approach

Our Offerings


Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have become the talk of the town due to their ability to ease out the dealings with huge and complex data. Here at EOV, we have a team of data scientists who use the power of AI, ML, and predictive analysis to drive outcomes that are the most profitable to your business. Our engineers use machine learning models like logistic regression to study and work with your complex data to give you better results and strategies to optimize your profits and create apps through our mobile app development services

Data Analytics

We take pride in being the leading data experts and the best react native app development company who can do a proper analysis of your business, its risks, margins, profitability, and more, by studying your past data. With our thorough and in-depth analysis of your records, we can predict any negative triggers such as losses or frauds and give you the scope to be ready before real-time. As a part of our data analytics services, we provide eCommerce and web analytics, digital marketing analytics, and other services.

Database Implementation & Migration Services

EOV also provides excellent and competitive database implementation and migration services that give you a scope to migrate to modern architectures or on to the Cloud. So, we are your partners right from predictive data analysis to data engineering and then to implementation and migration, along with mobile app development services. Choosing us gives you an edge over your competitors as we believe in nothing but the best!

Data Integration Services

EOV makes it easy to combine data that resides in different sources to help you manage data growth and bridge the gap between business and IT, providing stakeholders with the right data at the right time to drive revenues and profits.

Our Data integration experts have a wealth of experience in building data warehousing and data migration solutions: from roadmaps and strategic planning to implementation and performance tuning. So, whether you are looking to hire frontend developer or data experts, we have it all for you at EOV!

If there is anything else we can help you with, or if you have any queries for us, please feel free to drop us an email at We would be glad to help you!