Data Engineering Services

Our comprehensive data engineering services unlock the power of your data, fueling growth with AI, ML, analytics, and more.

Tired of fragmented data hindering your business potential?

EOV Digital’s comprehensive data engineering services empower you to unlock the power of data and scale new heights. We combine expertise in AI, ML, data analytics, and business intelligence to create unified data landscapes for informed decision-making.

Our Data Engineering Services:

Data Ingestion

Seamlessly collect data from diverse sources, including online/offline channels, legacy systems.

Data Transformation

Clean, standardize, and transform your data to ensure accuracy and facilitate insightful analysis.

Data Warehousing and Lakehouse

Design and build secure, scalable data storage solutions for efficient management and utilization.

Data Pipelines

Automate data movement between systems and applications, enabling seamless flow and accessibility.

Data Analytics and BI

Extract meaningful insights from your data through powerful tools and expertise, driving data-driven decision-making.

Custom API Development

Expose your data and functionality through custom APIs, fostering efficient integrations and data exchange.

Why Choose EOV Digital for Data Engineering Solutions?

Experienced Team:

Our seasoned data engineers, possessing deep domain knowledge in travel and healthcare, bring proven solutions to your challenges.

Proven Methodology:

We follow a proven data engineering methodology that ensures efficient project delivery and successful outcomes.

Data-Driven Approach:

We leverage data as a strategic asset, guiding you toward tangible results and enhanced business performance.

Scalable and Secure Solutions:

We design scalable data pipelines and storage solutions built to meet your growing needs with the highest security standards.

Skills Bridge:

Bridge the skills gap with our expert data engineering team, ensuring your success in harnessing the potential of your data.

Scalability and Performance Issues:

We design and implement scalable data solutions that can handle your data volume and processing needs.

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What Our Clients Say

“EOV Digital’s expertise in data warehousing and analytics has been nothing short of phenomenal for our retail inventory management software. Their meticulous approach and innovative solutions have significantly enhanced our data capabilities. EOV’s team demonstrated a deep understanding of our industry, providing insights that have optimized our operations. Their commitment to excellence and timely delivery make them an indispensable partner. Highly recommend EOV Digital for advanced data solutions!”

Juergen M.

CEO, Retail Tech Company, Germany

“EOV Digital has demonstrated exceptional prowess in data warehousing and analytics for our nursing rostering software. Their innovative solutions have greatly improved our data management and analytics capabilities, leading to more efficient and informed decision-making. EOV’s team showed a deep understanding of the nuances in healthcare scheduling, providing tailored solutions that have significantly optimized our operations. Their commitment to excellence and expertise in data solutions make them a highly recommended partner for any healthcare software needs. ”

Garry W.

CEO, Healthcare Company, USA

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the practice of building and maintaining the infrastructure and processes needed to collect, transform, store, and analyze data. It’s like constructing the plumbing and pipelines that bring data to life for businesses.

What are the benefits of data engineering?

Data engineering unlocks valuable insights from raw data, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. This can lead to improved efficiency, cost savings, increased revenue, and better customer experiences.

What tools and technologies are used in data engineering?

Popular tools include Apache Spark, Hadoop, Snowflake, AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, and data integration platforms like Informatica and Fivetran.

How much does data engineering cost?

Costs vary depending on project complexity, data volume, and chosen tools. We offer flexible pricing models to fit your budget.

How can data engineering help personalize travel recommendations?

By analyzing data on past booking behavior, demographics, and travel preferences, we can create personalized recommendations that boost customer satisfaction and increase bookings.

How can data improve patient care and outcomes?

By analyzing patient data (electronic health records, wearables), we can identify risks, predict potential complications, and personalize treatment plans, leading to better care and improved patient outcomes.


Our Engineering Team

Dinesh Sonsale

Dinesh Sonsale

Head of Engineering

Dinesh brings to EOV, 25+ years of expertise and experience in latest technology. “Hardwork succeeds all” – This is what Dinesh firmly believes in and hence, you will find him browsing through all latest technological innovations that clearly reflect in his innovative solutions. Dinesh’s experience spans across multiple domains and challenging technologies including Software, Firmware, Hardware and enclosure with activities like designing, development, manufacturing, and certifications.

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