The hit of the pandemic globally has pushed enterprises towards more digitalisation to ensure businesses function seamlessly. Although enterprises and businesses had accepted to be digital but there were certain factors which were under constant check and evaluation. However, the pandemic Covid-19, has clearly ruled out most of such limitations and has forced to adapt digitisation in order to simplify the business operations.  On this line, it’s important to understand the core technologies which will take the centre stage as an emerging tech. Let us now have a look at them.

1. Mobile Internet

Interfaces, data arrangements, sensors and modern apps will take centre stage in enterprises. The mobile computing devices will dominate internet connectivity and until 2025, the mobile connectivity will be available to over 4.3 billion people.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The Machine Learning along with gestures, speech recognition will evolve more as it eliminate manual operations and redundancy 

3. Virtual & Augmented Reality 

As per Goldman Sachs, virtual and augmented reality industry is to be an industry valued at USD 80 billion by 2025, the current industry value of the same is approximately USD 7 billion. The implementation of social distancing and virtual meeting has increased the importance of Virtual and Augmented reality as people can resonate in personal meeting with this emerging technology. 

4. Computer Vision 

With the introduction of future ready internet cars, Computer vision is another area to take the centre stage in the Technology in the year 2025. The Computer Vision market revenue will likely grow up to USD 33.5 billion in 2025.

5. Cloud Computation

Improved and advanced cyber security the role of cloud across enterprises will continue to increase.

6. Automation

It’s a combination of AI, Robotics learning, machine learning processes across multiple industries. Some of these industries include Healthcare, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Durables, Insurance and Customer services.

The above technologies will certainly rule the centre stage in innovation post 2025 as well, across industries. The adaption of AI, ML, NLP, and Computer Vision is aimed to improve the operational processes of enterprises. Along with this, it will also reduce redundant work and up-skilling existing team members for better and productive output. These also take enterprises one step closer to being future ready as an advanced market value proposition. EOV digital solutions make sure we are well synched with such trends in market and train our resources for such changes ahead.