In today’s digital world, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and indispensable. In order to reach audiences from across the world, businesses have to have robust, secure and fast mobile apps. What is crucial in these apps is the way customers interact with the brand – through user experience. Great user experience helps customers to build relationships with your brand. UX is important to grow your user base and retain your existing customers.

In this blog, we will cover a few tips and strategies that will help you in building the right user experience to optimize your apps and boost your overall growth in the long run.

Improving your mobile app’s user experience

Developing a good onboarding experience

Onboarding refers to the starting point of any user’s journey with an app. “First impression lasts long” – We have all heard of it. So, if the onboarding experience is weak, it dampens the customer interaction and thus, weakens the overall mobile app experience for you. This affects the retention of clients as they won’t come back to your app after the first time. With the right onboarding technique, you can encourage your clients to adopt more features, get excited to know about your offerings and develop further association with you.

Reduction of in-app friction

While browsing an app, customers can get easily frustrated if they find it inconvenient to find what they are looking for. By reduction of in-app friction, we mean decreasing the effort and time that s needed by customers to complete their end-goal in your app. You need to thoroughly assess your user data and conduct enough research to understand customer behaviour when using your app. A few common example of in-app friction include complex checkout process, missing payment security options, or lengthy order placing process.

Collection of feedback from direct users

This is possibly, the easiest way to understand what is going wrong with your app and why customers are dropping off – ASK THEM! By gathering user feedback, you can directly know what the pain points are and what features need improvement. You should be more specific about the different components of app experience to get targeted feedback – such as, onboarding experience, usability, design and more.

New and better design elements

By regularly updating your app design, you can keep your overall user experience relevant. Without this, your app experience will fall short of evolving with the new and changing standards. You need to constantly carry out steps such as modifying of the interface of the app or adding new features and components. You can think of re-branding with relevant colors, logos and messages.

Troubleshooting your app crashes

This is something which is crucial to your app success. You should give attention to the big issues that your app may experience, like the app crashes. Frequent app crashes discourage the users to reuse or come back to your app. This means losses for your business! Right from the time that your app goes live, you need to watch and correct the crashes whenever they happen. Some common reasons for such crashes include memory management, device compatibility problems, too much of codes or lack of proper pre-launch testing.

Take the benefit of push notifications

Mobile push notifications play an important role in helping your brand deliver a connected and successful user experience.  With push notifications, you can improve the user experience with the help of engagement rewards, incentives for conversions, and connecting overall brand touchpoints. Some of the most popular and beneficial push notifications include transactional notifications such as shipping confirmations or delivery updates – these have high impact on customer engagement and satisfaction. Some other types of notifications such as those informing about discounts, offers or subscription updates also result in great customer experience.


This brings us to the end of the top strategies to improve the UX of your mobile app development. If you are looking for mobile app development services, you can get in touch with us now! Our team of mobile development experts know the best practices to deliver impeccable software products with the right mix of technology so that your business gets the much needed online boost!