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The Micro services architecture is used in recent product development and/or product modernization. We can easily connect Micro services-based applications with monolithic applications through APIs. This will ensure seamless digital transformation. According to a recent research, the product companies will spend $25.6 billion by 2024, compared to $10.5 billion in 2019 only in the product modernization. In other words, more and more organizations consider spending additional dollars to remain competitive in their chosen domain of expertise. 

Companies usually undergo modernization of their legacy products. This they do by ensuring the key business value of their legacy investment is retained. At the same time, they are agile enough to respond to constantly changing market demands. The Micro services based product modernization is a new approach in the area of designing applications. What’s great is it can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently. We can surely connect Micro services-based applications with monolithic applications through APIs and make for a seamless digital transformation. The process also helps make applications highly agile and futuristic. 

Enterprises undergo multiple challenges in order to stay up-to date while adapting innovation driven solutions. This becomes a further challenge if you team them with emerging technologies. The Micro services architecture helps product companies and enterprises to address such challenges. in turn, this helps developers to develop, test, deploy, and scale specific services individually. 

Such specific services follow a particular process and communicate through a clearly-defined, lightweight framework. This helps to achieve the purposes like billing, logistics, maintenance, etc. The common process to call the services is through an RESTful API or HTTP with a simple protocol like JSON. The DevOps practices, like CI CD, do accelerate micro services architecture deployment. 


Micro services architecture are being used widely by both large enterprises and Software Product companies to ensure product agility and minimal time to market. Few of the key attributes of Micro services architecture in the product modernization: 

  • Reduction of Cycle time 
  • Flexibility driven innovation, culture of ownership and accountability 
  • High Code Quality 

 Thus, Micro services greatly enhance the product agility and bring down the cycle time. Thus, they boost the entire product modernization process.