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We provide a range of Retail Software development and maintenance services to independent software vendors and to software product companies offering innovative digital solutions to retail, to improve and streamline digital commerce, omni commerce,  management, supply chain and digital merchandizing.

Transform Your Business And Redefine Customer Experience With Innovative Retail Software Solution

In today’s competitive retail environment, many retail businesses are looking for ways to remain competitive, streamline operations, and improve customer experiences.  We offer custom retail software solutions so retail tech companies and enterprises to boost customer journeys via innovative technologies.  

How EOV Can Help Your Retail Business?

Every retail business focus in acquiring new customer, improve customer satisfaction and retain the existing customers. EOV’s custom retail software solutions are constructed in such a way that they produce satisfying and seamless shopping experiences. 

  • Boost Satisfaction and Conversion: By integrating efficient checkout processes, personalized suggestions, and user-friendly interfaces, we make sure that your customers leave your store happily and are more likely to return. 
  • Adopt Flexible Pricing Models: Flexible pricing can be a game-changer in today’s competitive retail landscape. EOV helps you adopt dynamic pricing methods that respond to inventory levels, customer behaviour, and market trends.  
  • Elevate Your Bricks and Mortar : Offline stores stay an important part of the retail ecosystem. EOV gives solutions to enhance your offline presence via mobile point-of-sale systems, interactive kiosks, and digital signage.  
  • Use AI to Manage Demand: EOV also takes the help of AI to aid retailers optimize product placement, manage demand forecasting, and improve customer service. AI-driven insights also enable businesses to personalize marketing efforts, manage stock efficiently, and predict trends.  
  • Automate Your Inventory: Efficient inventory management is very important to reduce costs and meet customer demands. EOV’s software solutions automate replenishment processes, order management, and automate inventory tracking.  
  •  Unify Your Supply Chain: A unified supply chain is important for smooth operations. EOV provides solutions that integrate all aspects of your supply chain like logistics and suppliers to end customers.  

Retail Software Solutions We Offer

Our retail consulting services are crafted to support businesses in recognizing opportunities for improvement and growth. We work closely with you so that we can understand your challenges and build tactics to solve them.

Retail Consulting </p>

Retail Product Development Consulting

Whether it’s streamlining operations or improving customer engagement, our digital and subject matter professionals will give you actionable recommendations and valuable insights.

Legacy Applications Re-engineering </p>

Legacy Applications Re-engineering 

Outdated software can obstruct your business’s growth. EOV specializes in re-engineering legacy applications to accomplish modern standards.  

Custom App Development for Retail </p>

Custom App Development for Retail 

Every retail business has requirements that are difficult for standard software to address, and off-the-shelf solutions often fall short. We provide custom app development services customized to your requirements

Omnichannel Integration </p>

Omnichannel Integration 

It is crucial to have seamless integration across multiple platforms in today’s omnichannel retail environment. The team of our full stack software developers brings rich experience across various platforms supporting retail businesses growing multi-folds. 

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence </p>

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence 

Our software provides durable analytics to uncover data insights that businesses can use to make better decisions about sales, inventory, and more.

Mobile Commerce Solutions </p>

Mobile Commerce Solutions 

With the increase in mobile shopping, retailers should provide a smooth mobile customer experience. We develop native and cross platform mobile commerce solutions that are user-friendly, secure, and responsive 

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What Our Clients Say

EOV engineering team met expectations in developing both our B2C and B2B applications. Their team demonstrated professional expertise, dedication, and creativity throughout the entire process. We collaborated since 2021 and it’s extremely good that not only met our needs but also propelled our business forward. Highly recommend EOV for anyone seeking top-notch application development services either for travel or any business domain.

Thomas B

CEO of Travel Tech Company, Germany

Team EOV brought deep knowledge and responsibilities during the development of our mobile application. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the project, resulting in a seamless and user-friendly app. EOV’s team consistently went above and beyond to meet our requirements, and their attention to detail ensured a high-quality end product. We’re thrilled with the outcome and look forward to future collaborations.

Adesore O

CEO, Travel Tech Company, UK


What are the benefits of using retail software solutions?

Retail software solutions offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Improved customer experience with features like mobile checkout and loyalty programs.
  • Increased efficiency through automation, real-time data, and seamless integrations.
  • Better decision-making with on-demand analytics and easy-to-use dashboards.
  • Scalability to adapt to your growing business needs.
  • Reduced costs through optimized inventory management and streamlined operations.
Can you integrate your software with my existing systems?

Yes, we offer seamless integration capabilities to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your current operations.


How can your inventory management software help my business?

Our inventory management software can help you:

  • Optimize stock levels to avoid stockouts and overstocking
  • Predict customer demand for better inventory planning
  • Automate inventory tasks to save time and resources
  • Gain insights into inventory performance with easy-to-use dashboards
What are the advantages of using a retail-specific CRM system?

A retail-specific CRM system allows you to:

  • Create personalized customer experiences
  • Manage loyalty programs effectively
  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Improve B2B retail sales with better customer data management
Dinesh Sonsale

Dinesh Sonsale

Head of Engineering

Dinesh brings to EOV, 25+ years of expertise and experience in latest technology. “Hardwork succeeds all” – This is what Dinesh firmly believes in and hence, you will find him browsing through all latest technological innovations that clearly reflect in his innovative solutions. Dinesh’s experience spans across multiple domains and challenging technologies including Software, Firmware, Hardware and enclosure with activities like designing, development, manufacturing, and certifications.

Pankaj Tayade

Pankaj Tayade

Vice President Engineering

As the VP Engineering at EOV, Pankaj has been delivering exceptional software solutions to our clients from all domains. With more than a decade of expertise in product engineering and technologies like Java, JavaScript, SQL, CSS and more, Pankaj has been hailed for his timeliness and build-to-perfection attitude. When not curating exceptional software solutions and ideas, you will find him lost in the world of books, as he is avid reader and story-teller.

Kajal Jha

Kajal Jha

Principal Lead Microsoft

Kajal is an innovative and passionate team player, who has brought to EOV, years of practical experience in delivering high quality software solutions to clients all over the world. Kajal is an expert in .NET technologies and frameworks like C#.NET 2.0/3.5/4.5, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.5. ASP.NET MVC 5,.NET Core, Dot Net Framework 2.0/3.5/4.5. But, this is not all! Kajal holds a diploma in German and holds SPL (Student Pilot License) and FRTOL License in Flying (Cessna-152A)! At EOV, Kajal is dedicated in improving the overall tech processes and deliveries with her excellent command over technology and its applications

Kishor Pawar

Kishor Pawar

Design Evangelist

“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.” Kishor is self taught designer. Kishor craft simple, engaging, and delightful user experiences utilizing a user-centered design process that incorporates empathy, research, critical thinking, and collaboration to solve challenging and complex problems. As a UX Designer, Kishor passionate about designing products based on human behavior to optimize the relationship between the product and people, not users.

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