To build an enterprise scalable product, Microsoft is the number one choice for ISVs and enterprises. Microsoft as a stack has several variants. A few of these have moved on with their legacy and others are starting on the newest tech stack. Also, some of these are in the modernization or in an era of transition. It’s extremely important to have clarity on the basic technology stack while starting product development or product engineering. In other words, technology should be futuristic and scalable.

.Net Core as a choice

We know that most of the products these days are mobile friendly. Hence, .Net core is a great choice as it’s a cross-platform and open-source framework. You can use it to develop applications on any platform. You can also use the platform for cloud applications or refactoring large enterprise applications into microservices.

ASP.NET core is a fantastic choice to build the backend of single page applications. The biggest point comes when it is about selecting Front end stack. Although Angular is a preferred choice with next in line Blazor, React, etc. React seems to fit with .NET Core when it comes to front end.

React is developed by engineers in Facebook to outgrow the platform. Usually, Facebook uses any new releases internally before it makes it available to the community. This means before the react features are being implemented in any project, due to wide user or community, the features will be stable and robust.

The React ecosystem is extremely popular and has a stronger community in comparison to Angular and vueJS. Such ecosystem has contributed in robust supporting libraries for things like state management, UI components, and styling. For complete frontend, React never takes complete control. The development begins with React from a small piece of the frontend and then expands its use over time.

Additionally, there’s already available Visual Studio template to create projects that have an ASP.NET Core backend with a React frontend. React with .Net core will always have priorities on top of any front end stack.

Software developers usually use strong-type code in ASP.Net which actually diagnoses any challenges or deviation at an early stage if any. Static language such as C#, allows Visual Studio, to provide productivity features search as IntelliSense, code refactoring and navigation. Although JavaScript is a loosely typed language but Typescript brings powerful and flexible type system to JavaScript and works seamlessly with React.


In product engineering, React with ASP,.Net core will always be a popular choice for both ISVs and enterprises. The product development time will always be quick and fast in comparison to other front end stack.