Technology and travel make a perfect pair. In the current world scenario, no one would doubt this statement. Jointly they play a crucial role in the way we travel. Research has shown that over 74% of travelers research over the internet to plan their trips. 

With the generation of Millennials, there is a significant change in the paradigm of traveling. There used to be a time when travel was a completely personal affair. But in this new age, travel is now also a mode of expression

Technology has brought about new perspectives on comfort and entertainment. That has seeped into traveling as well. The Travel industry has been adapting to these technologies tends to make travel comforting and memorable. Let’s take a look at the five upcoming technology trends in recent times.

Major Travel Tech Trends in 2023

Using the Voice search method

In past few years, it has been noticed that an increasing number of customers who travel more often are using voice search. They are using it to find the best flight rates and book them, book hotel rooms and travel vehicles and search for all other experiences. With the voice search option, travellers can find what they are exactly looking for in a much easier and quicker way. In short, accessibility is becoming easy for consumers. In addition, the Voice search option is also being used to improve travel experiences. Like in hotel rooms, travellers can control the temperature and lighting inside the room, order a snack or a three-course meal, check with the places of interest, check the weather, and even gather all relevant information without reaching the hotel staff.

Information as Big Data

Big data is a recent technology that has been in the news recently. And it is for all the right reasons. Big data is all about storing and organizing data. Tourists and travellers create lots of information that is essential to the travel Industry and its trends. This huge amount of data about the liking and disliking of travellers creates the opportunity to improve the travel industry. Several of the industry players in the travel industry are using Big Data.

Use of Robots

Another trend to watch out for in 2023 is the use of robots at hotels for welcoming guests and in the airport security control for detecting prohibited items. Robots will also be in trend as waiters in restaurants. Other than these, there are several other uses of a robot that can be availed in the travel and tourism industry, like improving the safety of travellers and reducing the number of repetitive tasks. During the Covid -19 situation and in the new normal life, the use of robots has increased considerably. The primary reason is the use of robots is helping to reduce human contact in a few cases.

Use of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

As per the report given by IBM, the use of chatbots by the companies has the capability to save them in their customer support costs up to 30%. With the help of AI chatbots, the travel and tourism industry can now improve customer booking experiences. It can also provide 24×7 support to travelers during their entire travel journey. This will help to offer travelers an extra level of personalization and offering with multi-lingual functionality. Chatbots are now becoming just like personal assistants for consumers in the entire journey of their travel, from booking to returning back.

Augmented Reality  and Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality (VR), also sometimes referred to as Augmented reality (AR), is making a mark in the travel industry. Virtual reality offers several possibilities to the travel industry. It is no surprise that virtual reality is the next trend in the travel industry. Virtual reality makes the experience of a traveler more exquisite. And all this can happen with the traveler staying sedentary at a place. Tourism is an overall experience to be experienced physically and in person. Nevertheless, with virtual reality technology, in some instances, travellers can take a virtual tour, like the tour of a hotel they are looking forward to staying.

To Conclude

Undoubtedly, technology has been the driving factor in most of the industry. The Travel industry is on that list of industries. The technological trend will no doubt change traveling as we see it now. Technologies Big Data, Virtual Assistants, and Blockchain will be leading the Travel industry to new levels of engagement and experience. The above trends will undoubtedly create a unique experience for future travellers. If you are looking to digitize your travel enterprise or want to increase your reach with the right software product, feel free to reach out to us today!