Berlin – 14-03-2024 – Following the exciting announcement of our partnership with Mahr EDV to develop innovative software solutions, EOV India continues to solidify this collaboration. As previously mentioned, Jens Briesenick, Head of Software Development at Mahr EDV, visited our headquarters in Pune in February to meet our team in person, following a successful project kick-off in January and productive online meetings. 

EOV CEO Visits Mahr EDV Headquarters in Berlin 

Last week, Abhishek Nag, CEO of EOV India, travelled to Mahr EDV’s headquarters in Berlin’s Paulinenstraße. “Our visit provided an opportunity to not only discuss ongoing projects and their progress,” says Jens Briesenick, “but also to showcase our German hospitality.” 

Building Strong Relationships 

Abhishek shared his impressions of the visit: “Following our initial virtual collaboration and hosting Mahr EDV executives at our headquarters in Pune, India, we were delighted to be invited to meet with key personnel in Berlin, including Pascal Kube, Managing Director, and Gregory Brenninkmeyer, Head of Special Projects. The warmth and hospitality we experienced in Germany were truly exceptional. Meeting Pascal and Greg in person, in addition to Jens and Fabian, whose team we had previously interacted with virtually, significantly strengthened our mutual understanding.” 

Shared Vision, Limitless Potential 

“We were thrilled to discover EOV and Mahr EDV share a common business vision and purpose,” Abhishek continued. “Our discussions regarding future collaboration were extensive and productive, and the ideas generated resonated strongly with everyone involved. With unwavering commitment from both parties, I am confident this partnership will unlock exciting new opportunities. EOV looks forward to an increased presence in the German market, while Mahr EDV will leverage our cutting-edge technical capabilities to develop innovative solutions.” 

“With a team like Pascal, Jens, Greg, and Fabian on board, I view this collaboration as a strategic move for both companies,” concluded Abhishek. “Together, we can harness the power of advanced technologies to deliver groundbreaking solutions that drive success for our customers.”