Berlin – 11-03-2024 – The energy was electric at ITB Berlin and Internorga this year, and EmbarkingOnVoyage (EOV) Digital Solutions was right in the thick of it. As a leading data and product engineering services company to thousands of ISVs, System Integration companies and enterprises, EOV participated in these premier German trade fairs to showcase its innovative solutions and forge exciting connections within the travel and hospitality industries. 

First Impression from ITB 2024 Berlin 

ITB Berlin, the world’s travel trade show giant, proved to be a golden opportunity for EOV. Here, the team wasn’t just showcasing its expertise; they were sparking conversations on how the travel sector has rebounded post Covid and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been helping business to service the growing customers need. From crafting data-driven travel experiences that truly resonate with users to implementing AI that helps travelers plan their dream itineraries flawlessly. On the other hand, how airlines, cruises, buses operators and hotels would use the power of recommendation engine for better preparedness in terms of serving differentiated experience to clients. EOV captivated the attention of industry leaders, potential partners, and anyone else eager to harness the power of digital transformation, especially with the used cases of generative AI, Machine Learning with the adoption of modern technology framework (both front end and back end) to keep the total cost of ownership very low in the travel world. 

Impression from InterNorga 2024, Hamburg 

Internorga, a renowned trade fair dedicated to the retail and hospitality industry, offered EOV another chance to set sail. This time, the focus was on demonstrating its capabilities in developing next-generation hospitality applications and streamlining operational processes for hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. From user-centric design that puts guests first to mobile app development that keeps them seamlessly connected, EOV’s solutions resonated deeply with attendees looking to elevate guest experiences and boost efficiency. 

How EOVs participation at the German trade show was perceived 

Abhishek Nag, CEO of EOV Digital Solutions, shared his experience of participation and representing EOV at ITB 2024 Berlin and InterNorga 2024 Hamburg. “Both the events were beyond mere trade shows in terms of positioning of EOV as an expert in travel and hospitality industry. We showcase our capabilities in navigating diverse product life cycles or product development stages. By delving into real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and particularly showcasing real life used cases where SQL and Node.js has been the fore front, EOV garnered substantial interest from notable industry figures from the said industry including Founders, CTOs, and CEOs of leading travel and retail companies across Europe and Scandinavia. 

The engaging discussions held at various interactive forums during ITB and InterNorga have made a lasting impact, showcasing how EOV’s expertise in data and product engineering can accelerate companies’ time-to-market strategies in navigating the rapidly evolving digital landscape”. 

The Voyage Continues 

EOV’s successful participation in ITB Berlin and InterNorga underscores its unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By forging new partnerships and fostering industry-wide collaboration, EOV is well-positioned to be the wind in the sails of businesses embarking on their digital transformation journeys. 

About EmbarkingOnVoyage Digital Solutions 

EmbarkingOnVoyage (EOV) Digital Solutions is more than just a data and product engineering partner. They’re a team of passionate experts fueled by a love for innovation who empower businesses across Travel, Healthcare, Retail, FinTech, EduTech, Hi-Tech and beyond to achieve their goals. EOV delivers exceptional results in areas like competitive product development, app modernization, UI/UX design, and data analytics. 

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