Pune, February 6, 2023: EmbarkingOnVoyage Digital Solution Pvt. Ltd, a leading IT software company is happy to announce commencement of its Salesforce enterprise services through a strategic investment with Soham Technologies. Soham Technologies is a leading cloud consultant and specialist in Salesforce CRM web tech company that provides IT solutions globally. This decision came from our clients’ expectations of EOV extending Salesforce support. This led us on our search for the right company with exceptional Salesforce expertise to partner with.  

“We have always prioritized our clients and emphasize on understanding their deep complex problems and providing solutions. At EOV, we approach strategic investments with caution. We invest in individuals whose visions align with our values and our aim of delivering customer success and prioritizing people. We believe the Soham team demonstrates a commitment and passion to help clients overcome challenges. This investment will allow EOV to expand our service offerings into Salesforce and boost our revenue. With this partnership, we are looking to expand our expertise in the market and will continue to serve our customers with a seamless experience and services globally” said Abhishek Nag, CEO of EOV. Dinesh Sonsale, Head of Engineering stated, “We are looking forward to revolutionizing the way IT firms have delivered services and products. By partnering with us, clients will get the most of our expertise in the domain, therby, enhancing the end customer experience and delight!” 

The partnership highlights EOV’s commitment to providing a seamless experience to their clients globally as well as tap the inevitable growth in the IT sector. Technology plays a critical role in every aspect of business. Companies understand that in order to be on the cutting edge of competition, they must speed up digital solutions. This is what EOV plans for its customers and partners and its partnership with Soham Technologies will help provide efficient Salesforce and CRM services to partners across the globe. 

About EOV: 

Leading IT services and software product development services company. EOV Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is aiming for excellence with its unwavering craftsmanship and commitment. EOV has been successfully building a name in the travel technology & hospitality, healthcare, fintech, retail, and hi-tech sectors by offering creative services across software product engineering, UI UX, Independent testing and validation, data engineering, and solutions to address various challenges encountered by product companies, digital agencies, system integrators and large enterprises.

About Soham Technologies: 

Soham Technologies is an IT Consultancy firm Dedicated Towards Client Success. The firm has a team of dedicated individual cloud professionals leveraging Salesforce and related technologies to help clients to provide a best-in-class solution to business problems, achieve business growth and maximize Return on Investment. The firms guarantee outstanding services to their clients.